Monday, December 5, 2005

Real Cancer, Real Lives # 8

This week I am privelaged to host Real Cancer, Real Lives, a blogging "Carnival" started by my brother Cary over at Cancer NewsWatch.

Real Cancer, Real Lives is dedicated to increasing the awareness of all forms of cancer – not just this week’s cancer-cause du Jour – by showcasing how real people live with, battle, and ultimately come to terms with this life-changing disease.

As Cary's sister and Lori's sister-in-law I somehow got the easy part of the deal. I get to spend time doing all the normal stuff I'd do with two cool people who I love having in my life. Cary and guys rock!

As part of this online community of bloggers and flickr friends I want to thank all of you out there for your honesty and spirit....your stories and photos, encouraging words and love for each leave me speachless.

Without further delay here are this weeks entries:

Cancer Patient Blogs:

Be sure to visit Jane at Writing Salon Mistress Muses and read her wonderful story
Cancer Girl

Check out Any Day Above Ground Is A Good One. Dan's
Trick or Treat story get's to the heart of an all too common relationship between surgeon and (potential) patient.

Mary reflects on her treatment and starts looking forward to getting back to normal in

Final and Last Chem #8
at her SunnySide2Day blog.

Caregiver Blogs:

New Way to be Human's
D-Day tells the truth with rage and love.

Amanda at Cancer, it's Not Just an Astrological Sign Anymore opens up about
Baby Envy

Cary at Cancer Newswatch speculates the damage of "false dispair" in his entry

A Birthday, An Anniversary, And the Specter of False Hope

Medical Blogs:

Hsien Hsien Lei, PhD writes about

Chromosomes 1 and 11 Associated with Neuroblastoma
at Genetics Health

Thanks for visiting Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy and...

If you would like to submit a post for inclusion in Real Cancer, Real Lives, please do so via the Carnival Submit Form. When submitting your blog entry, be sure that Real Cancer, Real Lives is selected in the menu space provided. If you are interested in hosting the carnival, you can check available dates at the Real Cancer, Real Lives main page...just drop Cary at Cancer NewsWatch an email to let him know which date you'd like.

You can take a look at some other great carnivals over at the TTLB UberCarnival page.


  1. Thanks again for hosting, Heidi. You did a lovely job :)

  2. hey, jsut a quick note to say that i like your blog. very cool!

  3. Thanks Cary,

    I enjoyed reading wveryones entries. :)

    Thanks Amanda,

    I love your icon two are too cute!

  4. Heidi Thanks for including my blog in your article. It is refreshing to know that other than my friends more folks are noticing my blog. Thanks again.


  5. Heidi, bravo for hosting and posting, and also for you kind compliments on my writing. Your site has great energy! Thanks.

  6. Great site - I found you from Dan's