Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Life is a Musical

Last year I proclaimed 2008 as the Year of Doing. I vowed to stop talking about stuff and just go ahead and do it! I wrote out a list in my Live Journal of goals to reach and upon reflection, I did rather well! But what I'm even more proud of was the chain reaction my claim seemed to have on others.

I'm in no way taking credit for others accomplishments here. But making the statement that I was going to DO and ACT did seem to get many people motivated and it was exciting to see the power of intention work to kick us all in the butt a bit.

I plan on writing out another list of goals and look forward to jumping into them.

My proclamation for this year is "My Life is a Musical" which to me means I'll be singing & dancing not only on stage but whenever I'm inspired to do so. In many cultures music plays a bigger role in day - to- day lives and I vow to bring this to the very front of my world.

I've already hit the ground singing and dancing by booking myself to sing with my friend Rick in January at Julie's, and with my brother Cary in April at Julie's.

I've signed Brian and I up for Beginning Ballroom dance classes in January and myself up for Intro to Samba / Burlesque, also in January....what will 2009 be for you? Name it and claim it!

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