Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Setting up my new life - here I come 2009!

Most of you already know this but for the sake of getting it written down, here's what's going on with me right now.

Approximately 4 1/2 years ago I moved to Alameda and in with my boyfriend (now husband) Brian.

About six months later I was thrilled to be hired on as manager of the soon to be opened, Julie's coffee & tea garden here on the island.

I have never enjoyed working for someone more than I have working for Julie these 4 years.

It has warmed me to watch the cafe grow in to the community gathering place for local artists, musicians and those who love organic, handcrafted, coffee, tea, soup, salad & pastries not to mention local art, crafts, music and of course the sweet garden patio.

Julie means so much to me that I even asked her to act as the officiant in our wedding last year.

A few months ago I realized that after getting my feet wet in the local music scene, taking yoga, dance and personal training classes and reading several books on being your own boss that I was ready to move on and away from being the manager at Julie's.

I called Julie right away and as usual she was very supportive of me.

I had no set up plan to make my move I just knew in my heart and soul I was ready for something else.

I gave my 3 month notice and so starting January 2009 I will not be working for Julie. I will continue to book the Tuesday night music program and will surely be seen on the other side of the counter sipping Oolong and planning my next big thing.

This is one reason I decided to start my blog up again. To document the scary and exciting and very unknown future I'm stepping in to.

I want to thank my family and close friends for all your continued support and inspiration....more to come....let's see what happens!


  1. You go girl! There's one big family of friends and relatives root root rooooooting for you :)

  2. Aurelia d'Andrea1:43 PM

    I'm proud of you Kizzy! We should all follow our instincts--and/or hearts--so we'll have no regrets. And let me say, that's easier said than done! Still, I'll be sending you supportive thoughts and wishes. Anything is possible. You can do it!

  3. Thanks you two! See, what I mean everyone???? The support is there.....cheers to change!

  4. WooohOooooooooo!!!! It's the year for big things!

  5. So exciting Kizzy, and very powerful. I am impressed with your courage. Speaking your future to those around you takes guts, but with all these awesome folks rooting you on, you will undoubtedly create something absolutely amazing.