Friday, February 20, 2009

Back in Action

Hey y'all!

February is going just fine. I've been singing a lot more. Lessons with John, practice with Cary & Rick and regular daily practices while doing dishes, visiting facebook and catching up on my emails.

I need to sing while not doing other things. I need to memorize some new tunes. I've organized my lyric sheets and am heading to Sacramento on Sunday to spend time with friends and family but the main goal is to nail some songs Cary and I have been working on.

I've been reading my Driver's Handbook this week and also doing yoga.

Some other stuff I've done these last few weeks:

Made a delicious Matzo ball / chicken soup, went to Cinematic Titanic and Thrillville for some B-movie badness, made some greeting cards to sell at Julie's while hanging with some crafty buddies, saw some live music, spent time with my husband, Romi, Damon, Clara, Valerie, Randal, John, Gwen, John C, Cary, Will, Nadja, Scott, Thayer and some new folks and other pals.

I also wrote and MAILED out some thank you cards and letters to friends and family (a new year's resolution I plan on continuing)

and reconnected with some old pals via the great forces of the internet.

Brian and I have been re-working the living room, with a new couch to be pictured here soon.

He's planning on tackling the office and record collection while I'm out of town and I will try and pack away some un needed stuff in the kitchen today.

We still have Sacramento in our sites for the future but right now we have plenty going on here in the east bay.

With my singing and yoga goals being tied to a couple of teachers here in Alameda, we may look to Sacramento and buying a house after I am making an income with these new occupations.

Predicting the future is futile so we'll keep focused on each month as it comes.

With goals as a couple to take a trip to New Mexico, go to Tiki Oasis in August and caravan with some east bay pals to Sacramento's Trash Film Orgy this summer.

Yes, it may be winter but I can't help but look forward to some of my favorite fair weather activities.

Well, that's all the news for to singing class and then hang time with Steph and Badger tonight!


  1. Cool, are you going to be a yoga teacher! I love yoga, I have been thinking of doing that as well and catering to plus size girls!

  2. Yes, that's what I'm doing too....we should talk...and conspire :)