Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marching into SPRING!


March has been full of learning and socializing and little hints of spring-like weather, so I'm happy, happy, happy!

I've been taking singing lessons from John Scott since February and I'm hitting higher and clearer notes than ever before. It's a life changing experience to hear a new voice emerge from your own body.....it's startling and wonderful.

I have also been going to yoga twice a week at Alameda Yoga Station with teachers Amanda & Dawn.

They are both sweet and I have so much to learn from them.

Each class my body does something it's never done before and their nurturing nature guides me to new places.... I love it!

I've never been a traditional school person. Anyone who knows me knows It's nearly impossible for me to work on something that I'm not excited about.

This is why I've never gone the traditional schooling route.

In a perfect world there would have been a high school counselor that could guide me to these magical, mythical classes:

Band Leader 101


History of rhythm and blues (and we didn't forget the women)

How to make mad cash doing what ever excites you at any given moment

But everything happens when it's supposed to and now that the time is right for me to be a student, I'm gratefully to have this opportunity to learn so much.

On the socializing front I've hosted old friends Chris, Amelia & Randy at Forbidden Island.

Brian, Chris and I met up with Randal and Valerie at Lucky Ju-Ju for some vintage pinball.

Brian and I went to Playland-Not-At-The-Beach in El Cerrito for more pinball and other old fashioned midway game play.

Crafty hang time at Julie's with several peeps.

Nadja and I went on a great bike ride near the water here in Alameda.

Romi & Damon dropped by with Brownies and we watched The Kid Stays in the Picture.

Last weekend Brian and I headed for Sacramento to see the Sneak Preview of Dead Exit, Michele Whitnack's art opening, get our hair cut with style at Alley Cuts (and buy art there too,)
play music with Sweet By & By (Cary, Jax, Gwen & Bonnie,) have breakfast with Mom and Cary and visit with other friends during Second Saturday.

We stayed at the new Citizen Hotel - nice!

As of April I'll have some new job titiles so it's time to get some business cards made.....yay!!

See you next post - Heidi


  1. Sounds like a great Spring.

  2. When you find the class for #4...
    (How to make mad cash doing what ever excites you at any given moment)

    let me know!! ;)