Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-Holiday Hello!

Poki extreme Cute-Up
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A quick howdy as Christmas draws closer.

This year has been sad, wonderful and full of changes!

Poki is the newest member of the Bennett family and we are so in love!

I've been taking driving lessons and doing very well. I'm sooo ready to be able t drive Poki to the Alameda dog park for doggie frolics!

I've been singing Christmas carols and decorating Christmas cookies and keeping warm and cozy with my husband and little furry buddy.

We've had some nice friend and family gatherings at our new home.

I lost Penny and Grandma Betty this year but am glad to report that Penny's daughter Tabbie is adjusting well and full of creative energy. She's been teaching herself HTML and taking photography classes.

I'll be visiting her in Bisbee for our Birthday, February 2nd.

I hope you all have a warm and wonderful winter. I'll be back to look at the years goals and make more for 2010!

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