Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jennifer Serr and I chat about style, inspiration and a beautiful place called Alameda!

The Lovely Jennifer Serr
My friend Jennifer is a talented sewing instructor and creative force. She interviewed me for her blog Bonjour Teaspoon a few months back and I thought people might be interested in getting to know me through her eyes....

Happy New Year!
This year, I’m presenting an interview series with People of Style in Alameda. Did you know Alameda was such a cool community? I’ve suspected, but didn’t realize the extent of it until my friend Heidi and I founded an Alameda based Business Group we call the Lucky Ladies.  
Filled with an array of creative businesses from Sewing Teacher to Yoga Instructor, nutritional counselor to lighting designer, clothing designers to hand felted home goods – you name it! 

Each woman in my group and their extended networks represent the best of our little town.
Here is my first interview of 2012  Heidi Bennett, interviewed in October 2011.  
Also known as Ruby “Baby” Bennett to those in the music world, Heidi is embarking on a new path...Read on!

Photo by Bob Heron

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