Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Brian brings out the best in me.

My sweetie took this photo on Saturday July 30th, just as I was heading out the door to sing for family and friends at Julie's coffee & tea garden. I not only manage the place, I book the entertainment ;)


  1. Hey Kiz...the site looks great! I'm happy to see you joining the big ol' party that is blogging.

    BTW, you may want to go into your blogger settings, under comments, and set it so ANYONE can comment. This will allow people to link their names directly back to their blogs when they leave a comment, and can really help to foster a community around your site.

    For instance, my name on this post will only lead you back to my blogger profile, but if ANYONE was turned on I could punch in my blog's URL and then it would be easy for you to follow the link to see who I am, what I'm about, etc.

    Lovely photo by the way!

  2. Thanks Bone-ee-o,

    I'm learning as I go :)