Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Two of my best friends..

My Sweet, My Love, My Life
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Introducing two of my all time best friends. Coley and the less slobbery but just as lovable Lori. I met Lori about 3-4 years ago when we worked together at Coffee Works on Folsom Blvd. in Sacrameto.

We had a blast working our first early morning shift and I knew I'd made a friend. It wasn't long before I found out someone else thought she was pretty cool too. My most favorite (and only) brother Cary was a regular at Coffee Works and truth be told a few girls behind the counter had their eyes on the cute, quiet, clever guy with the rowdy but lovable pooches. But my brother only had eyes for Lori.

Their budding romance is their story to tell but suffice it to say after several shared doggie walks they took the leap and haven't looked back since. I have loved getting to know Lori better...and feel like much more than a sister-in-law, I feel we are good, good friends.

My brother found the love of his life and I got to reap the benefits :)

Now Coley and I met about two and 1/2 years ago. He is one of 3 poochies in the the Cary & Lori household. He's is the waggiest guy I know and despite my teasing, he's actually not slobbery at all. He has the sweetest and mellowest disposition and is an expert snuggler.

Cary took this fantastic picture of two of the grooviest people on earth... Coley and Lori, thanks for being my buds :)

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  1. Beautiful people loving beautiful people! That's beautiful! seriously though, this is a very sweet post. Everyday I am happier that I met you, you are so gosh darn sweet. :')