Wednesday, August 17, 2005

To freakin' do....

Meet Tammy for walkies at 11:00am

Pay student loan

Pay other bills

Make hair appointment

Buy soy candles at Three Wishes

Deposit check

Call Kelly about camping

Set aside camping moolah

Call parents, ask mom about air-pump

Finish domestic partnership paperwork

Follow-up with booking cafe for September/October

Send out press release

Compile songs to perform, ask Brian to burn 3 copies

Eventually buy a CD burner :)

Call Amy to say "hi"

Call Penny about website

Call Darrin about Tease-o-rama weekend

Get tickets for Tease-o-rama

Give Johnny $$ for Sumo tickets

Call Badger about Aristocrats

Put A Dirty Shame in Netflix cue, send back current Netflix

Take a dance class

Buy a scanner :)

Look up bike light on line to get a replacement attachment

Add air to tires

Buy Q-tips & Tums

Buy camping stuff: More flashlights, batteries..what else?

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