Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday, Monday...

You'd think it was October if you looked outside. it's gray with spots of blue in the sky but I like it for a change.

Brian and I had a fantastic weekend. Our new pals Tammy & Chris hosted a swingin' BBQ on Saturday and we all grubbed out on meat, booze and conversation. They have swell friends and I really look forward to more hang time with our new peeps.

Tammy is also my new "walkies" buddie. We strolled neighborhoods of Alameda almost every day last week and plan to keep it up. She's as gabby and silly as I am so time flies as we yack it up while exploring the island.

Brian and I rode our bikes to Albert's on Webster for breakfast on Sunday. A nice 20 minute ride that got our blood pumping. It feels fantastic to be active again. I'd really like to start some sort of class now....kyaking, dancing, something that will be fun and really take us over the top and get us into great shape.

We've been eating well too and are both determined to continue to improve our eating habits. More fish & fruit, less ice cream and mayo. are a few goals I'm working towards.

My "hot tip" of the month is to go out and get yourselves some Keen brand shoes.

I own these, these ( in black) and these

and my feet have never felt more loved. They're an Alameda based company too.

OK, enough of my yacking for now.

Until next time....ciao!

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  1. I SWEAR that I didn't read your post today before i wrote mine! I am so happy that we met, walk, talk, and get along with the same peeps!
    YAY! Keens! everyone buy Keens!!!