Monday, December 1, 2008

"Uncle Cary" and Lily Anne Colvin

This year for Thanksgiving Brian stayed in Alameda and spent Turkey Day at Romi and Damon's place amongst many friends and what I heard was some unusually sexy gravy!

I caught a ride to Sacramento with Pam & Pete aka P&P Music Factory on Wednesday and then Cary, Mom and I headed for the hills on Thursday.

First stop: a short but sweet visit in Nevada City with our long time friend Ray and his absolutely charming daughter Lily Anne.

This sweet natured beh-beh was so fun to get to know...I look forward to watching her grow!

Ray is a natural born pa-pa. He was attentive and so loving to his little one, not that I expected any less.

Then it was off to Joyce and Dan's for good company, a little singing, some inspired story telling, Ukulele playing,serious gravy stirring and a most delicious meal.

The traditional post-dinner walk followed by pie and ice cream for dessert capped off the evening perfectly!


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Hey Gal,
    What a lovely day!
    Every time I open the freezer and see the Mr. Peter ice mold I think of you, and your family. It's the only ice cube you need(for a cold drink)!

  2. Who is M? I miss that's a goodie!

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I didn't mean to be so mysterious. This blog thing only let me post anonymously. And I'm a little tech challenged! I scored the Mr Peter from a white elephant gift exchange at Flo and Larry's.
    The first time I used it I almost died laughing 'cause it stuck out of the glass, and got in the way when you tried to take a drink. Very Sexy!
    Michele Whitnack

  4. Oh, great Michelle....I forgot about that!


  5. We actually have a Mister Peter ice mold here! I'd forgotten about it but found it when cleaning out the cabinets recently (I'm cleaning, I am!). I meant to freeze a bunch for a Thanksgiving punch (to go with the gravy, of course), but never got around to it. We missed you, but were so happy to have your mister!