Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Life IS a Musical - so far so musical

Here it is, day thirteen of the new year and I wanted to share how my goals are going so far.

Well, I've started to read the Driver's Handbook but really need to get all up in it this week.

I have some time in my schedule and the weather is amazing...in the 70s yesterday...so it's conducive to feeling happy, letting the sun work it's magic and doing some reading.

Brian and I started our Ballroom dance class last week and Brian is a natural born leader.

He was moving me all around the floor with ease.... what fun!

The other dance class I joined was canceled so I've made myself available to work at Julie's 'till the end of this month on Monday and a couple other days.

Then I will truly be done working at Julies (except for booking bands) and look forward to taking another dance class next season.

This week I begin a very exciting chapter in my life. I am meeting with a friend who is a singing instructor and he will be training me to be an instructor as well!

We will be meeting twice a week and I'll have homework in between those meetings.

By springtime I should be able to take on my first students!

This is truly keeping with my goals of learning things I love and then teaching them and earning money doing my favorite things! And what a bonus, I'll be keeping my voice in top shape and am sure to improve as well.

Brian and I have continued to work on keeping the house clean and making each room more usable and pleasant to be in.

My next room to tackle is the bedroom.

The photo here is by family friend Hank Meals. His wife Carol, Cary and I singing a rousing rendition of Jambalaya (On the Bayou) at my grandma's 90th Birthday party.

The party was a great success. Grandma enjoyed herself and there was a really warm and musical feeling to the whole event. I enjoy spending time with my family and this was just the right sized party for lot's of chatting, singing, and silliness.

I went to my friend Rick Quisol's place yesterday and sang up a storm. The sun streamed through his front door as we ran through a few songs we've performed together in the past then dove into Rick's vinyl collection and picked out some new stuff.

Rick is a great pal and musical / life mentor. He loves music and collecting and living.
He's generous and encouraging and we always have a great time together.

OK, until next time....ciao!

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