Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Goals & updates

Happy 2009 everyone!

I just got back from spending 4 days in Sacramento with family and friends.

Thanks for opening your home to me Cary, it was a blast!

Brian and I drove around Del Paso Heights, Amy's new neighborhood and found some very live-able and tree filled areas. We also saw Amy's family and new home.....adorable!

We have been discussing moving from this apartment for a long time but now that we are both in transition work wise we are actually talking about moving to Sacramento!

This is not a definite plan, we are simply adding Sacramento into the mix of possibilities.

We really can't predict what will be the best move for us as neither of us know where our future employment will take us.

But it's nice to think about riding my bike along those tree lined streets and along the bike trail again. And being in the same town and my brother, mom, Amy, Michelle, Bob and the rest of the Sacramento gang.

I don't regret moving to Alameda for one minute.

I wanted to move out of my musical comfort zone and move in with my sweetie.

I loved working for Julie and have expanded my creative life so much and have found great inspiration from all the creative and cool people that I've met.

I challenged myself musically by meeting professionals, playing with them, asking them a lot of questions and reading books that answered questions I didn't even know I had.

Art and music are a bigger part of my life now.

Living with Brian sure worked out ok ;)

He's just the adventurous, caring, creative & silly person I thought he was and the more I get to know him, the more I love him.

Right now our apartment is much easier to be in since we've been working hard to donate/toss/sell stuff we no longer love and box up stuff we love but don't need right now.

We're making room in the house to have friends over for movie or game nights, yoga and dance practice, meditation, crafting and breathing.

Where ever we end up moving, I know I'll be spending more time in Sacramento since I'll have my driver's license and Cary and I will be performing music together.

I also look forward to doing some crafting with my mom and visiting Pops, Flo, Joyce, Dan and Grandma up in Grass Valley and checking out some of those house concerts at Joyce and Dan's place.

Here are some notes and goals for 2009 and the coming years:

Get my driver's license (before my birthday this year)

Take my music website live and then get gigging

Make more money this year than last year and continue to make more money and grow my businesses in to fulfilling and cash flowing careers

Take trips: Austin, New Orleans, Bisbee, Chicago, Taos, France, Mexico, India, Hawaii, Seal Beach, Palm Springs, Bali, Rafting down the Grand Canyon, Snowboarding, yoga retreats, romantic getaways, getting payed to play in exotic locals.... (in the next several years)

To be described by others as a singer, performer, health nut, yogi, dance instructor (not all at once but as I develop my skills and practices)

To spend more positive time on the Internet, posting on my blogs & website, re-connecting with friends, networking and research and less time trolling randomness.

Get out and see more live music and other performances

Go to Tiki Oasis Nine and drag as many friends along as possible - August 13 through 16
(this year and then look to sell or perform in years ahead)

Continue to collaborate with other musicians and meet new talented and generous collaborators and mentors in music, art and friendship

Follow through (in general)

Keep working the 8 week cure into my house keeping routine

Take lot's of photos and post 'em to flickr

Eat well, try new recipes, more eating in, less dining out

Spend consciously, save easily

laugh more, worry less

Dance more, watch tv less

Enjoy life and treat my husband like the king that he is

Meet new challenges and rock them!


OK, I'm sure I haven't written every goal I have but this should keep me busy

I hope this year brings a lot of sheer happiness to you all - Heidi


  1. Sacramento! Whut! I mean do what's best for you. I had very much fun hanging out with you on new years.

  2. Great post Heidi. It would be lovely to have you live closer to us and further from the San Andreas Fault.

  3. Dan and I are behind you all the way--Can't wait to see you at a house concert. Feb. 13, March 12 and April 24 are all booked in our living room.

    We would love to spend more time with you and Brian!

  4. We're backing you all the way!! It would be so great to see more of you and Brian. And we would love to see you at a house concert. Feb. 13, March 12 and April 24 are all booked in our living room for 2009.

  5. You have some ambition girl! I feel inspired! I don't see hanging out with me more often in there though :-)

    I may consider moving back to the sactown in the summer too, so we might continue our parallel living.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Well, it's on the list now Kelly...oh, it would be way weird if we ended up in Sac. together again.

    Also, Cary will be looking for a roomie...FYI

    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Wow! I have lists floating in my head, but have yet to put them down in black in white. The dance more watch TV less, I think I'll steal. Boogie Down! One for the list is to not be such a hermit when it comes to hanging with the people I love.
    Take care

    Your new car is very cute, almost as cute as you and your hubby.
    XO, Michele W.

  8. Kelly1:03 PM

    You are too cute! Thanks for putting me on the list! I can't wait! See you soon!

  9. don't drive! i don't either and didn't know there was anyone as old as me left who didn't!