Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Cusp...

Things are ramping up in my Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy Life!

It's scary and exciting but I'm feeling positive, forward moving, strong and motivated.

Fun stuff we/I have been doing:

Rode our bikes around Alameda for the first Estuary Art Attack (gallery tour)

Went to Maker Fair with Cary and ran into Joshie

Helped Kelly move to her beautiful new bungalow

Took a Fosse-esq burlesque dance class with Romi & Miska

Started going to Estate Sales again

Took a 5+ mile walk around Alameda

Saw the wonderful movies UP and Star Trek

Joyfully witnessed my brother living a happy life after death

Got a great haircut by the talented Cortney Swett at Alley Cuts

Here's the latest:

After a wonderful 5 or so years living in Alameda we are making to move in September to Oakland to rent a HOUSE!

We'll be renting from family friends and if you've ever been to our apartment you'll know just how exciting it is for me to say..... BATHTUB!!

Yes, there's a shower, tub, nice sized restroom, lovely, open and breezy kitchen and hardwood floors throughout!

Also, a backyard, a basement, two bedrooms and a smaller room (crafty-haven I'm thinkin',) and room for a little four legged friend!

So, we'll be looking for a small dog once we're settled in. All hail the tail waggers!

Speaking of which, I need to mention that sweet Coley left peacefully in his sleep and is off giving Lori lot's of soft eared love. I imagine he's sharing with her how many friends he made in her absence....that dog charmed all who met him. I'll miss you buddy!

I'm preparing to perform at Julie's on June 30th and as usual I've got a case of the nerves. I'm doing my best to relieve this by locking myself in our bedroom and singing my set list 'till it's ingrained in me body and soul.

I'd like to say it's fun but I've always struggled in lyric learning... once the song is in me it's heaven, so it's time to knuckle down. Rick Quisol connected me with a couple of super talented musicians to play the show and it's gonna be a hell-of-a good time!

I've been teaching my "practice" singing students this month and we're having a ball! I'm really enjoying teaching people how to use their gifts.... I've gotten to that point where I know not only that I can teach singing but that I am able to and that I enjoy it!

I'm getting very positive feedback from my students and my teacher.

My new Associate Instructor business cards will be coming soon and the website should be up in the next month. I'll be looking for beginning singing students in's happening!

I've got goals for my own site, I need to add my bio and then it's time to get into the studio so I have some songs to market myself with. Then I'll be using all my connections to start getting those paying singing gigs!

This weekend Brian and I are heading to Nevada City for my No Class Reunion.

On Saturday we'll be getting together with a bunch of the freaks I went to high school with for a BBQ at the Goodspeed Ranch. Then we get to spend Sunday at Pops and Flo's place for Father's day! It sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

One of the most exciting developments in the last month or so is that I've made a switch in my eating habits and this, along with a lot more walking, yoga and bike riding has enabled me to lose 15lbs!

This is so exciting because as most of you know I've been very heavy for a long time and I was really stuck at a high weight. Even tho' I've been generally happy, with my life, and am in excellent health, I've done more tv watching and less dancing in the last 6 years and I knew I was in a bad rut.

Not having to be on my feet for 6-8 hours at the cafe and being able to plan my meals and eat out less has been key. So, taking this time off to develop new career paths has had the added benefit of better planning around food and exercise. Also, knowing what to generally avoid and what fuels my metabolism has unlocked that mystery of how to really get that weight outta here. This is thrilling for me!

So, I look forward to checking in again and letting you all know how the summer is rolling along. Tiki Oasis is just around the corner and it will also act as a second honeymoon, we'll even be stopping by Seal Beach on the drive down so that Brian can see were I grew up.

I have another exciting project in the works but for now it remains a mystery...............

Ciao for now!

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  1. michele whitnack4:48 PM

    That's all so exciting!
    I'm so happy for you!
    Rock on Bold Soul Sister!