Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Summer-time Fun Everyone!


The show at Julie's was a greeeaat success!

Rick and I got together earlier in the day to run through the songs, I had a very nice voice lesson with John, Everyone in the band got to the gig nice and early, and there was a lovely audience there to support me!

I remembered all my lyrics and only glanced at the cheat sheets to remind me what song came next. Gwen sang back-up and we goofed around, dancing and meowing (had to be there) at each other.

I got to sing a duet with with Macy sweet!

The recordings for the gig didn't really turn out but I did add a song I sang at the Sweet By & By gig to

so if you wanna hear me singing... check it out.

Today we'll head over to the parade, grab a few groceries and then it's off to Romi and Damon's for a Birthday BBQ. I filled the ipod with a fun mix to add to the festivities.

In a few weeks Brian and I will be competing in a Regrettable Food Contest hence the lovely photo of Pork in Aspic.


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