Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 is so awesome!

Wow, it's hard to believe the last time I posted something was in JANUARY!

For my birthday in February I flew to Bisbee, Arizona and had a truly magical time with my birthday buddy Tabbie. Tabbie is blossoming into a gorgeous young woman and just graduated junior high as the Salutatorian of her class!

I'm so proud of her and we all know her momma is too!

The loss of family and friends does affect you in different ways depending on your relationship to them and who you are, how you have grown. I felt happy for my grandma when she decided she was ready to leave but I feel a big, big hole where Penny used to be when she was on earth. I am sooo thankful for all the memories and her laugh stays fresh in my mind. I really miss Zoe, who passed on while I was in Bisbee..... she was in the family for a long time and a great companion to Cary.

What makes things easier is to remember how those we have lost enriched our lives and then to recognize the new friends and family that are with us NOW.

Since I have been working from home and not at a bustling cafe I have had to seek out socialization in a new way. This was hugely challenging at first especially because I had moved away from Alameda, didn't drive and have had a VERY tight budget.

But, I rode my bicycle, learned the bus system, called friends to meet up and set up a tab at Julie's. This helped a bit but I needed MORE!

So, my friend Jennifer and I formed a support group for independent business women called the Lucky Ladies. I bonded with my Sweet By and By band mates, Cary, Gwen and Katie & also networked with other musicians via my connections with my friend Rick and the magic of Facebook. I started taking driving lessons (thanks Flo and Dad) and lo and behold....

I am now a licensed driver! This happened on Monday, June 14th. I passed my test with ease and then Brian and I went to Oakland Grill to celebrate with burgers!

Thank you to all of you who have picked me up, dropped me off and otherwise tolerated my non-driver status!

Special thanks to Kelly, Brian, Flo, Valerie and Kate for letting me drive around with you....and Jay, my driving instructor!!

The other awesome news is that through meeting up with the Lucky Ladies, I found the opportunity to apply for the
Women's Initiatve Simple Steps Business course for low income women

My friend Gwen Harlow and I will start this 11 week course next Tuesday!

I'm looking forward to some edjucated guidence as I move toward more success as a performer and a teacher. My major goals are to have two, very professional websites for my businesses and some high quality recordings that reflect who I am as a singer.

Brian, Poki and I have been enjoying getting out for walks and dog park time, working on the house and bonding as a family.

In recent months our family goals have been, Brian getting an awesome job (he's been training, working on a portfolio and shopping his resume) getting the back yard in shape including major tree trimming and awesome, bargain patio furniture purchases. We've also been doing some excellent recession inspired shopping at Grocery Outlet and the Orowheat Outlet and making some delicious home cooked meals.

I am feeling lucky, optomistic, and blessed.

I look forward to BBQs, planning dog friendly vacations, zipping up to Sacramento to visit Mom, Amy, Cary, Jenny, Michelle, Bob and Magpie Caterers' Cafe!

Heading to Grass Valley to hang with dad, Flo, Joyce and Dan.

And finding a personal trainer!

What are you up to?

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  1. Heya, thanks for your comments :)

    I just checked out "cloud of protection" and it sounds enticing! I've just placed an order on Spa Therapy, though, so ByNieves will have to be on my waiting list for now.

    My boyfriend also loved my Spa Therapy much so that he snitched it from me ;)