Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Adventures, less STUFF aka more doing, less buying aka more living, less...well, you get the idea!

Well, I picked my theme for 2011 and I'm very excited about how it's shaping up already!

I haven't posted in a LONG time and I think it's because the transition to who I am now is taking a lot of reflection and introspection.

A quick follow up from my last post, Brian has an awesome job working for Kodak Gallery in Emeryville, Poki's photo was even featured on their website over the holidays! I graduated from the Women's Initiative Simple Steps program with a detailed business plan and have continued to enjoy playing music with the Sweet By and By.

On to 2011... I am happy and positive, ready for new challenges and adventures!

I have a wonderful network of supportive and positive friends and family that surround me and a loving dog and husband that give me a sense of joy, warmth and well-being each and every day.

I have successfully transformed my eating habits to very good ones built around what my body likes, and responds happily to. I have grown stronger physically and also mentally.

I simply eat what I crave and leave behind the rest.

I've been the heaviest person in my immediate family for as long as I can remember and I feel extra pressure (that I put on myself) to try every and all things my family members try or suggest because of a nasty inner dialogue that tells me my family members are embarrassed of me and are wondering why I can't get it together as they have and finally lose the weight.

But I have now banished my nasty inner dialogue and that's a wonderful place to be!

I am healthy, I am happy, I am strong and I am capable.

I ask for all of you to see me as I see myself and remember to always be kind, loving and completely accepting of people as they are.

As for my Theme of 2011 - More adventures means I'm going dancing in a couple weeks, snowboarding In about a month and the biggest adventure of all, I'm absolutely, positively starting 2011 as a full fledged working musician!

As many of you know I transitioned to a singing instructor after giving notice at Julie's coffee & tea garden with the notion that I could teach singing as I developed a singing career.

Working as a singing instructor has been a wonderful experience but I realized that if I REALLY want to be a working musician I need to (for now at least) stop teaching and concentrate fully on developing my business as a performer.

So, by the end of January I will have no more students, and will be finishing up the first three demo. songs I started recording in December! Once the three demo. songs are mixed down I can actively seek gigs!

I am also spending January updating my website and looking for other musicians who are interested in playing the music I want to perform. It looks like the musicians will be a combination of folks hired per gig and a few who will be regular players.

I learned a whole lot last year from the shows I performed and plan on soaking up a lot more knowledge as I play with and get to know more professional gigging musicians and band leaders over the course of 2011.

I'll be recording every couple of months too so...

Keep up with all my musical developments at

As far as the "Less Stuff" part goes, I'm simply going to be choosing adventure, learning, playing, out door activities and games over gadgets. This counts for how I interact with the world, how I spend time with friends and also what I choose to give as gifts!

The last several months of 2010 were spent playing board and card games, drinking mulled wine, playing music, making and eating wonderful meals with family and friends.

I plan on keeping this up through the winter and not waste time wishing it was summer.

Thank you all as always for believing in me.... 2011 is going to be something wonderful!

Cheers and happy new year!


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