Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sexy, Sexy, Science!

In January 2011 I wrote how I would stop dieting and only eat what I crave. But what nagged at me was that I felt that I didn't understand how my body worked, why I was still fat after eating all the "right" stuff, exercising a lot and my Dr's check-ups proved I was perfectly healthy!
Gary Taubes

I am so happy to have read Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat and watched Tom Naughton's movie Fat Head.

I learned how and why my body has been acting the way it has, why I've been told the wrong information my whole life (except when I was on Atkins in the '90s) and how to eat for my optimal health!

I can't say what is right for anyone else but if you like reading and thinking I recommend Gary's book and if you're more of a visual person give Tom's movie a whirl on Netflix streaming.

Tom Naughton

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