Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Greetings ol' pals!

I usually write something around this time reflecting on the year 
and posting some goals for the next.

It's gonna be shorter and sweeter this time around!

My friend Jennifer Serr interviewed me recently. 

Read her interview at - Bonjour Teaspoon 

I've had a wonderful year and am feeling fit, fine and fabulous!

2011 in a few words:
Comedy pod-casts, periodic ear pain, By Nieves Handmade Natural Body-care, a new knowledge of bay-area traffic navigation, road trip to see Paul F. Tompkins, thrilling news of my brother's engagement, high and lonesome singing, total immersion / fascination / author crush of/on Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, delightful anniversary trip to Carmel with lot's of Poki-by-the-sea sandy pawed frolicking, Brian's awesome birthday cocktail flight school at St. George Spirits, Cory and Khrys bought a house in Santa Cruz, bonding and beyond with the Lucky Ladies & my Women's Initiative leap group, mentored by talented musicians and lot's of good times with family and friends!

2012 Goal - Continued Happiness!

Christmas Poki!

Fourth of July with the Bennetts in Chico!

Brian and Heidi Married, August, 4th, 2007
Cary and Jenny - engaged!

Poki and I in Carmel


  1. Hi Kiz
    Great update. I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures.

  2. 2011 sounds like such a varied and colorful year! Love the pics, excited to read more...:)