Friday, January 13, 2012

What are the Best Cooking Oils from Real Food University and several other folk...

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I've been having a whole lot of fun experimenting with different cooking oils and fats. My favorite right now is ghee and bacon grease (which I always have on hand.) Coconut oil has so far been a snack.... I just scoop a spoon of it, put that spoon in my mouth and savor the sweet flavor.

I found a couple of great posts around the net that give the health and cooking whys and hows of different fats so I thought I'd include them all in one post.

Real Food University gives a short video on the best cooking oils.

Mark's Daily Apple combines two great tastes that taste great together - Ghee & Coconut Oil


Real Food Digest gives the what/how and why in their Complete Guide to Fats and Oils

So, tomorrow morning I am totally trying that ghee/coconut combo..... what do you like to cook with?

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